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Whether you're covering disaster relief for area wildfires or want to know more about feeding our community's hungry, sheltering the homeless or mentoring at-risk children, you've come to the right place.

The Salvation Army Metro Phoenix serves the needs of local and national media. Throughout the course of any given year, newsworthy items and topical issues are highlighted through our social service programs and special events - many of which involve local leaders and dignitaries, the entertainment community, and other noted supporters of the work being done by The Salvation Army.

We are committed to keeping the media informed. We do this through alerting, advising and providing timely communication concerning the important year-round activities of The Salvation Army throughout the metro Phoenix area. We can also facilitate the provision of experts in a variety of social service fields.

For more information, please contact:

Scott Johnson
Public Relations Director
The Salvation Army Southwest Division
p. 602-267-4196

The Salvation Army is at work 365 days a year in 12 Corps Communities Centers across the Valley, our Phoenix Family Services Office and the Southwest Divisional Headquarters. For media, this means a variety of opportunities to localize news.  Every territory and division throughout the country has media relations staff available to assist you.


Welcome to The Salvation Army Phoenix
Media Resource Center



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