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Year after year, local schools, churches, synagogues and other nonprofit organizations will earn much needed funds through Fry's Community Rewards Program. Now all you have to do to help your neighbors in need is shop at Fry's and swipe your Fry's V.I.P. Card

Do you shop at Fry’s Grocery Stores?
Fry’s will donate money to The Salvation Army, on eligible purchases, when you swipe your Fry’s V.I.P. card.  All you need to do is follow the steps below to either enroll in the program or to link your Fry’s V.I.P. card to The Salvation Army.  Then, encourage your friends, family, residents and vendors to link their cards to our fight for GOOD.  It’s that easy.

Fry’s is committed to helping our communities grow and prosper. Log in and register your card today so we start earning funds on your next purchase.  Feel free to forward this message on to others so they can do the same!  Thanks for supporting this new program and our neighbors who need us most.

How to Sign up for Fry’s Community Rewards Program

:: Go to Fry's Community Rewards Program
:: Select “Sign-In”. 
:: Enter your email and password then select ‘sign in’. 
:: Under “Welcome back!” click “Your Name/My Account”
:: Under “Account Summary” scroll down “Community Rewards”
:: Click ‘enroll’ under “Community Rewards”, if prompted, enter personal information
:: Under Find Your Organization: Enter the NPO number: 97405 
:: Under Select Your Organization: Select box left of your organization
::Then select ‘save changes’.


If you have registered correctly, you should now see your organization information listed under ‘Community Rewards’ on your account summary page.

Don't forget to tell your friends and family about this awesome fundraising opportunity to turn everyday shopping trips into DOING THE  MOST GOOD!


Want to learn more about The Salvation Army? 

:: See Our Impact

:: Follow us on Facebook

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