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Consider these ABCs.
ACCURATE? Does it conform to the legal requirements of the state in which you reside, and fully express your desires regarding the disposition of your assets?
The Salvation Army Planned Giving
BENEVOLENT? Does it address the needs of your loved ones, and provide for those organizations that reflect your most important values and concerns?
CURRENT? Does it incorporate the most recent changes in tax law, and reflect changes in your own life?  Even the best and most comprehensive plan can become outdated over time.

Apply these ABCs to your own situation to discover whether or not your estate plan will accomplish your goals and objectives.


Our FREE Legacy Planning Toolkit will help you establish a written record that conveys your property, responsibilities, values, and beliefs in an orderly, thoughtful way to those you trust and wish to honor.

To receive this valuable resource, please call 800.479.0210 or email

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