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Extreme Heat Relief 2016


 The Salvation Army partners with our community to bring life-saving measures to Arizonans in need. 

Items Needed:

  • Hats, Caps or Bandanas (New or slightly used)

  • Lip Balm, Sunscreen or Sun Block (New only)

  • Cash Donations to help purchase any items most needed


Don't forget to:

Get your friends involved!

Tell them how you made a difference by donating to #HydrateAZ on Facebook and Twitter.


On average Arizona sees 109 days of 100-plus temperatures.

Imagine having no relief from those harsh conditions.


Donations to our Hydrate Arizona campaign go directly to The Salvation Army's Extreme Heat Emergency Project and other civil service programs. The program provides water for thousands of individuals across the state, including families, elderly, homeless, underprivileged children and fire & police services.


Interested in hosting your own water drive? Click here or contact Edward Salazar by calling 602-302-7183 or via email:


Hydration Stations need volunteers! Interested individuals can call Danielle Shankle at 602-267-4117 or via email:

Water Drive Information:

When: Beginning May 1, 2016!

Where: Phoenix Valley Safeway Stores

What: Please come by and drop off your donations of  hats, bandanas, sunscreen, or lip balm.


The Salvation Army Hydrate AZ Water Drive

Arizona is one of the hottest places on earth

In the summer of 2005, a prolonged heat wave resulted in the deaths of 20 people in one night in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area, In 2006, we began our Extreme Heat Emergency Project, and thanks to the many continued efforts, we have contributed in drastically reducing these tragedies. During the summer months, 11 Hydration Stations, throughout the Valley, each manned with volunteers, distributes water and offers respite and safety information to those in need. The City of Phoenix Police and Park Rangers also provide mobile units to assist those who are unable to reach one of the local Hydration Stations.


Last Summer we were able to provide water to thousands of individuals. The Salvation Army also supplied more than 80,000 bottles of water to partner agencies.

Last year we raised over 528,926 bottles and we know we can crush that number this year

because together, we can Hydrate Arizona!

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